Tender is a charity that works to promote healthy relationships based on equality and respect.


Using theatre and the arts, we engage young people in violence prevention, enabling them to recognise and avoid abuse and violence.


Tender was established in 2003, since then, we have worked with thousands of young people and professionals to educate them about positive relationships and creating supportive, abuse-free communities.

We challenge attitudes which tolerate, condone and normalise violence and increase skills in safeguarding against unhealthy relationships.

We work in schools, youth centres, pupil referral units, offices and healthcare settings creating tailored projects which offer support and meet specific needs. Tender aims to engage, to challenge, to entertain and to provoke a fundamental reassessment of our tolerance to abuse.

Since 2004 Tender’s work has been delivered to:

1,240 projects in 650 schools, youth centres and pupil referral units.
Enabled more than 26,700 young people to identify the early warning signs of abuse and speak out against violence and abuse.
Created drama performances, photo exhibitions and short films for audience of a further 91,500 young people.