Welcome Hannah from Minnesota!

Joining Tender to prevent violence and abuse

Hello all! My name is Hannah and I am a student from Minnesota. I came to London for a semester to take a few classes and receive an internship placement. I luckily got matched with this lovely Tender organization. I am not ashamed to admit that I screamed excitedly when I received the placement email. Reading more about Tender’s mission and the work they do on their website made me even more excited to start my placement here and see what tasks and knowledge would come from it.

I arrived at Tender on a Tuesday morning. I was warmly welcomed by Dorota, who showed me around the building and office. I was shown to my desk and given a few tasks to complete. I read through a big packet of information about Tender which was very interesting and exciting. I then watched a video called “Jess”, which was a moving short film about a few specific relationships looked at closely. It was emotional, powerful, and truly makes a person think about the different relationships and their behaviours that people may experience throughout their lifetime. I then went on to the task of finding articles, videos, and pictures relating to feminism, domestic violence, and women’s rights to post to the Twitter and Facebook page. I greatly enjoyed this task because I was able to learn a great deal of information and specific statistics on these important topics that should be shared to the public.

Day after day I was greeted by friendly faces in the office. I worked more on researching posts for social media and found some really interesting articles about women’s rights and feminism. My last day of the week fell on the day of an office Bake Off, which was joyful and delicious, making my heart and stomach very happy. It was fun to listen in on the team meeting and hear about all of the great work and successes Tender has been completing.

I am very passionate about the issue of domestic violence. I have had numerous friends and peers experience this and I am learning so much more information already. Over the summer, I was a youth and family advocate at a domestic violence shelter. I worked with the children living in the shelter and witnessed the effects on the children from the domestic violence in their homes. I am thankful for the change from the domestic violence shelter to the Tender office because I am able to learn more about spreading awareness and help out the cause in a new way. I have never worked in an office setting before, so I am looking forward to learning the work environment throughout my time here. I believe this placement will be fun, rewarding, and allow me to gain more insight and knowledge into the powerful world of seeking to put a stop to domestic violence and instead promoting healthy relationships, which everyone deserves!

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