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And so my last day at Tender draws to a close and it feels like I’ve barely been here a week! Time flies and all. I’ve had a great time and will leave with fresh inspiration to change the lives of women and girls, motivation on how to do so using the arts, and excitement about new opportunities!

My last week at Tender as an intern has also been my favorite, and definitely not because the end has been so clearly in sight. This week has been my favourite of them all because I went and helped run a three-morning long workshop at Springfield Youth Club! Most excitingly, on Tuesday, I was handed my first lanyard with the words ‘drama workshop leader’ underneath my name, which may well have been a mistake on the part of whoever had the lanyard making responsibilities (I was only helping out) but STILL. I might frame it and hang it over my bed.

Seriously, though, it’s been lovely to see the work that Tender do in practice, having spent the summer learning about it from an office perspective. To have the chance to actually have those conversations that I’ve been copying into Hootsuite from endless questionnaires has been so great. To see how the activities from the facilitator pack look in real life as opposed to my imagination from reading through it was so great. To be able to play totally serious and life changing drama activities like ZIP-ZAP-BOING and SPLAT! was AWESOME. I was meant to only attend two mornings but I couldn’t stay away and I’m only not attending tomorrow because I have to cycle round delivering chocolate crepes to bankers, boo-hoo. Sad face emoji.

From my time here this summer I have firmly cemented that I would really-really-really like to be a drama workshop facilitator pretty please. I want to work to combat gender inequality, I want to do it with art and theatre and laughter. I have applied to do the training to become a youth facilitator, I’ve had loads of great conversations about what it looks like practically to work as a freelance facilitator, and I’ve met a load of great people in the field. Things are looking positive!

For now, I’m going to go home and have an actual break for the first time this summer. I mean lying horizontally and reading my book break. My first internship has been a joy, but balancing that and having to work to pay rent is not extremely fun or relaxing, so to home and mum’s home cooked meals it is. I’ll be back in September though so don’t think you’ve gotten rid of me.

Until then!


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