Changes in Attitude. 'It Will Never Be Me'

All over the News and monthly 30minute Crime Watch shows In Britain we hear about domestic violence and abuse cases, typically towards younger women – as low as the ages of 13- who are vulnerable and think that controlling attitudes in relationships are of the norm or are trapped and cannot escape it.

Why are we are sympathetic towards these young women but do not try to raise awareness and protect other young girls?

Why do we not try and take time to understand what they are going through, how they got into these positions and how they were lured in?

We simply say ‘That will never be me’.

The build-up of violence can be a very slow process and girls can be easily manipulated.

In order to gain better understanding, educate and save ourselves from these situations we must know the factors that contribute to these girls vulnerability. Nobody plans to get into these situations. They probably never thought it would be them.

We are under pressure to follow the crowds, be in relationships and do way too much -before what the older generation would say is ‘our appropriate age’ – even if it makes us feel somewhat uncomfortable or unhappy.

Trying to mature too quickly. Getting into relationships because we think it’s a fun game and then it turns into a violent game that you’re trapped in.

So, do not say ‘it could never be me’.

Do not sit back and watch the violence grow at such a young age before you begin to think you know nothing and a boy is all you have.

Domestic violence and abuse is something that happens over time, it happens all the time and it can happen to anybody.

Hopefully, it will never be any of us.

By Sharla Newman- A Tender Volunteer

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