Erica McKoy - Standing Up

Erica McKoy - Standing Up

Erica McKoy, an active member of our Youth Board has contributed to our ‘Standing Up.

‘Stand up for Something’ – Close That Door

Try ‘Standing up for something’. Domestic Violence is one of those things that too many people ignore. It’s seen as “private matters”, as it’s behind closed doors. However, close that door…

AND the voice bellows through the house

Behind that locked door, is a world that some people dread to return to.  As they know they need to face an unsafe home where being violated of their rights seems like the only thing they know. Just close that door…

And the walls become paper thin, and start crumbling in

Think it’s just physical abuse?  Domestic violence can be physical, emotional and verbal. It raids the mind, leaving footsteps that haunt your memory. So close that door…

You’ve done it again. Only this time the connection between your hand and her skin seemed to echo through the house.

Remembering you are not the one to blame, may be the hardest thing to consider when you’re in the position of the victim. The victim that’s being harmed. The victim that’s being neglected. The victim that’s being pushed around. And the victim that’s being beaten. So do it again, close that door…

But he loves her. And she loves him. Everything that happens is out of love. You understand, don’t you?

The hidden bruises under a hidden agenda. Everything appears perfect. But on the inside, not only is she physically falling apart. Mentally she is starting to deteriorate.  Dictated by her heart and her fear she returns to the house, and she closes that door…

The key turns in the door.

Behind that closed door is a frightened family. Not only is it one of the adults that is physically and mentally abused, the children feel the pain of it too. Up the stairs and to the left is a bedroom. The bedroom where sat in the corner is a young individual that hears the thud of his [he’s dad] fist on his mum’ body. The yells, the screams and the weeping…

And I do nothing but sit there, in the corner of my room. Tears streaming down my face.

So close that door.

I want out.

I want to find a way to stand up.

I’ve sat here for too long. And the violence and the pain is too much.

Try opening that door…

And the help will be there, waiting for you to ‘Stand up for Something’.

With the forever increasing number of those entering the poetry scene Erica McKoy, a student from West London, decided not to ignore her passion for writing. From a small age, Erica has always enjoyed writing. And this purely started with the positive feedback she received as a child. 

Forever determined and motivated to aim high and reach her goals, Erica wishes to pursue a career in Multi Media Journalism… 

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