Leave, and stay gone

'You're most at risk of being killed when you try to leave'

There is a statement that so many domestic abuse victims can relate to. There is an ongoing issue regarding the number of woman that are struck by fear and too frightened to leave their abusers. According to statistics more women are killed by their partner AFTER they’ve separated rather than when they are living together, this is the main factor that restricts victims from leaving, the fear. The fear of getting caught, the fear of getting killed, the fear.

It takes a lot of courage and emotional preparation for someone to leave, and stay gone.

LOVE. Often victims confuse their love for the “good memories” from the beginning as love for their abuser. They’ve bonded with their abuser and mistaken it for love, so surely that makes leaving much harder. Much harder to leave, and stay gone.

Fault. We need to remove the stigma that the victims are at fault, there is no excuse for violence. And until everyone has an understanding of that these victims suffering from abuse are going to continue to feel alone.

Together as humanity, we can solve this, we have the power to end domestic violence; everyone needs to understand, we shouldn’t hide these issues from children, we should be educating them, teaching them that it is wrong. We should INTERVENE, show victims a SAFE way out.

Over time, hopefully these women can leave,

Leave, and stay gone.

by Kenny-Lola Mulenda – A Tender Volunteer

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