Parting Thoughts From A Tender Volunteer

As I wrap up my last few weeks in London, I have been trying to reflect on the multitude of experiences I’ve been lucky enough to have. Most have been good (sunny London is a dream come true), some not so good (the tube at rush hour), but my experience at Tender has been truly life-changing.

I came to Tender as a student intern who was passionate about domestic violence awareness but unsure of how to help. I’m leaving Tender better-informed, better-equipped, and more compassionate and understanding.

The staff at Tender are exceptional, and they gave me equal parts independence and guidance while I was here. I participated in a variety of programs offered by the organization, including the Youth Board, a Youth Hub, and various training sessions. It really is amazing how Tender helps combat common misconceptions about domestic violence and equips people with the skills they need to aid victims. I’ve seen it in the face of a student whose eyes widened as she realized that one in four of her friends would be affected by this, and I’ve seen it in the intelligent questions that people ask during training, trying to figure out how to stop the cycle of violence.

Everyone at Tender is passionate about the work that they do, and they inspire me to continue working towards a safer world for women. It has been a privilege to work with and learn from everyone here. Interning at Tender is by far the best thing I’ve done with my time abroad.

Thank you to the staff and all of the people I’ve worked with this semester. Because of you, I’ve learned about a pressing yet underrepresented issue, and more importantly, learned how to change it.

I found an outlet for my thoughts and concerns through Tender’s blog.

I’ve helped change attitudes and perceptions of people towards domestic and sexual violence.Thank you for all of the opportunities you’ve given me. I am so grateful, and I’ll always carry the lessons I’ve learned here, even though I’ll be jumping back across the pond shortly.

Written by Nicole Coletti


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