#StickIt Campaign

Tender are thrilled to launch our new social media campaign, #StickIt, devised and managed by Tender Youth Board member and intern, Saina

Hi! My name is Saina and I am an intern and Youth Board member at Tender.  As part of my intern work I have planned Tender’s first social media campaign which is about calling out the negative messages we see each day in the world around us. It’s so important to me that all types of people are represented equally and impartially; I believe that it’s vital to make sure that the messages we receive are inclusive for all. I’m hoping this campaign will help a little in starting conversations about derogatory messages and be a space to challenge them.

To get a better understanding of the campaign, you can watch my Prezi presentation and read the information below. I hope you can help us.



Aim The #StickIt campaign aims to highlight problematic messages in the world around by attaching humorous ‘post it notes’ onto images and social media content we encounter in our everyday life. We want to start draw attention to issues of sexism, homophobia, racism etc. and break the normality of these messages in our society.

This campaign is focused mainly on engaging with young people on social media. This is because young people are the ones most likely to come across these messages and be affected by them. We hope the hashtag will serve as a springboard for young people to use their voice to tackle issues that affect them by using a platform that they are familiar with, social media. In recent years, we’ve seen young people engage with many socio-political issues using social media such as .

How you can help

Although we hope the campaign will do well we understand that we require the help of key influential people such as bloggers, Youtubers, journalists, charities etc. We hope that you will use your platform as an influencer to help promoting our campaign to your followers.

  • You can help us by joining in – screen shot or photograph images (Meme’s, advertising, music lyrics, cinema posters etc) and use the #StickIt on social media along with your pictures and a humorous sentence.
  • You can promote the campaign to your followers

You can tweet screenshots or photos to tender using @tenderuk.org and we will add them to the Tumblr page

  • The hashtag #StickIt will start being used on January…. and will be used daily and more frequently on the run up to International Women’s Day on 8th March 2017.
  • Each day Tender will post #Stickit images on Tumblr and then tweet about them to generate discussion and encourage people to tweet us back with their own images and comments.
  • We hope to have at least 250 tweets from the @TenderUK with #StickIt examples leading up to March 8th for International Women’s Day.

We look forward to seeing you #StickIt!

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