Work Experience - Erica

Work Experience - Erica

Week One

Day 1 – Monday 13th August 2012

On the first day at Tender I was warmly welcomed by Marie in the reception and then I was given a tour of the building. This tour was essential (and would have been beneficial if I counted how many doors that I went through, and made up a virtual map in my mind).  We went to the office upstairs and I said “Hi” to everyone, and then Marie and I made our way to the down stairs office. When we finally go to our destination, I was given my first task. To unpack boxes of condoms. Obviously, my initial thought was “huh, what?” and then I remembered I was on work experience and the job had to be done by someone. Anyway, that first task was easy. All I had to do was unpack big boxes of condoms (all sorts), and then place them in to nicer boxes and stick gold labels on the outside of the nicer boxes to make them look even nicer!

After doing that, there were more boxes that had to be emptied. Those boxes, however didn’t have condoms in but instead had leaflets in (phew). So, I emptied that out and placed them on shelves and in to draws.

And then there was lunch. This was a devastating time for me. “Why?” I hear you say, because even after the tour Marie had given me, I still wasn’t able to find my way out of the building. The InterChange Studios have so many doors inside the building that it’s so easy to mistake one door for another. Anyway, I finally found my way out (as I followed the way out sign), however after lunch, getting back in brought some drama. So, I quickly called Marie and told her that I was lost, and then she found me and brought me back to the office! So clearly, it was a devastating experience.

Following lunch, I had to create a spread sheet to inform those who work at Tender which celebrity guests had been informed about a Ten4Tender event that will be happening later on in the year.

After doing that Marie, Doireann and I had a meeting about a workshop that was going to take place in the office with the London Youth Parliament. During this meeting we discussed how the workshop was going to be ran, and what we needed to buy from the shop (for the banner and mood boards).

And then my day finished. The first day was slightly shorter and easier than the days to come – but it settled me in nicely in to the office.

My aim of the day: To complete all the tasks set

Was that achieved: Yes!

Skills learnt/revised: Organisational skills and listening skills.


Day 2 – Tuesday 14th August 2012

As soon as I got in I created the written plan for the workshop. Soon after, the young women from the Youth Parliament came and we created banners for the office (to make it look pretty) and mood boards for a new idea that Tender has. So, I assisted where I could with that.

I also took part in a promo video for Tender, where I had to talk about my role as a volunteer.

After that had finished at 3:00pm, I then had to put some data in to a system called Survey Monkey. This task took me right until the end of the day.

My aim of the day: Not to get lost.

Was that achieved: I didn’t get lost!

Skills learnt/revised: Debating, listening and being able to come up creative ideas.


Day 3 – Wednesday 15th August 2012

Wednesday. AKA ‘Hump day’.

Wednesday is meant to be the most frustrating day of the week for anyone that works in an office, and there are many reasons for this. Firstly, you have completed two days of work already (yippee!), however you still have another 2 to go, and the last two days at work generally feel longer because you’re aware you only have two days to go, and you’ve worked so hard on the Monday and Tuesday that by the time you get to Wednesday your knackered.

However, for me, this was my last day of the week – as I had to experience the most dreaded day of any teenagers life up to the point of 17 and that was AS Level results day! And I didn’t come in on Friday, because I’m guessing Marie either didn’t want me to be moping around all day with severe depression and anxiety or on the other hand if my results went well, me complaining about how awful I feel after going to a results day party. However, since it’s me. Neither happened, and Friday was pretty boring but I got some work done.

Aside from that; Wednesday was spent editing an hour long piece of audio, eating lunch and then doing some more editing, and then doing more survey monkey questionnaires.

My aim of the day: To not think about results day.

Was that achieved: Yes. I calmly edited down some audio, which was very therapeutic at first, and then I had to walk around for a bit because my eyes were getting a little tired.

Skills learnt/revised: Editing on Adobe Audition


Week Two

Day 4 – Monday 20th August 2012

A new day and a new week!

Today, I did loads more questionnaires and placed them in to survey monkey. And then I sent out the letters to the celebrity guests for the Ten4Tender event. And I created a new spread sheet of contacts for musicians that would be great guests for future events. This involved me going on to various websites to find the contact details of their agents.

After doing that I helped Dorota do some research, this involved looking up different charities that deal with the same/similar cases to Tender and then to check if they have a training programme.

My aim of the day: To do as much as I can.

Was that achieved: Yup!

Skills learnt/revised: Using excel to create a spread sheet of data and research skills.


Day 5 – Tuesday 21st August 2012

Today I found out that there is a True Beauty Conference in Lambeth. So, I had to plan how I wanted the ‘workshop’/ ‘non workshop’ to go. After doing that, Marie came over to my desk (oh yeah, I forgot to mention earlier, you may get your own desk whilst doing Work Experience at Tender) to discuss the ideas for the conference.

I created a power point, cut out an article related to Rihanna for the conference on Thursday, in Lambeth.

I then spent the afternoon listening LBC ‘Emotional Experience of Rape’, which was thought provoking both on topical level, and on ethical broadcast level. And then I watched a TED video by Tony Porter called ‘A call to men’, which too was very thought provoking, and definitely worth watching.

My aim of the day: To complete all the tasks set

Was that achieved: Yes!

Skills learnt/revised: Organisational skills and listening skills.


Day 6 – Wednesday 22nd August 2012

I found tweets to add to the power point I created yesterday. Afterward, I created a template reply for the celebrity contacts and saved it in the ‘Volunteer – Erica’ folder on the desktop. Subsequently, I looked for more musical contacts to add to the contact list. And then we had a quick meeting about the conference in Lambeth – to make sure that our plans would go well. I then created a document that had the plan of the whole day at the True Beauty within Conference.

My aim of the day: To complete all the tasks set

Was that achieved: Yes!

Skills learnt/revised: Using Microsoft powerpoint, to create a powerpoint that was to be used at the Youth Centre in Lambeth and creating a word document.

Day 7 – Thursday 23rd August 2012

With a change of venue, we (me and Nomie – an American intern from Nebraska) had to head down to the Lansdowne Centre, in Lambeth. We arrived earlier, but looking very prepared we spoke to some of the people working there who briefed us again. Nomie and I spoke to a young girl called Keanna Williams from the Youth Parliament, who was truly amazing, focused and talented.

And then Nomie and I met with Becky (a workshop leader), and she helped us present the workshop providing us with tips and advice after each session (there were four sessions in total).

After a long day of doing workshops, we then returned to office to drop off the bag of equipment used earlier, and then we both went home. Feeling exhausted, yet also great, firstly because we’d like to think that we made people aware of domestic abuse and secondly that leadership roles are achievable.

My aim of the day: To inspire other young people to get in to leadership roles.

Was that achieved: Yes, we got a few people to sign the contact list.

Skills learnt/revised: Public speaking and listening skills, the ability to be sensitive and empathise with the other young people


Day 8 – Friday 24th August 2012

My last day at Tender.

Marie, Nomie and I discussed what happened on Thursday at the workshop. Discussing what went well, and anything we would like to better if we had the opportunity to redo it. From this meeting I learnt some of the essentials ideas for when leading a workshop with a group of young people.

After the meeting, I continued to find more music contacts and then I emailed them to Doireann.

And then I looked over one of Nomie’s blog posts to check that everything was alright (so that should be up on the website soon!).

My aim of the day: To continue doing as much as I can.

Was that achieved: Yes!

Skills learnt/revised: Analysing and evaluating.

Overall, the experience at Tender was very fulfilling, and I hope to be able to continue my work with Tender.

Hi, my name is Erica and I’m a Youth Ambassador at Tender. Over the period of two weeks I did some work experience at Tender, and had a great time helping out a charity that I support strongly. As a youth ambassador for Tender I thought it would be a great experience that would be able to give me a little more insight to the organisation, as well as providing me with some experience of working with a charity.  Overall, the experience was very good and it provided me with independence, but also the freedom to ask for help when I needed it.

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