Julia's Ten Hour Silence!

Julia's Ten Hour Silence!

Today we are introducing our friend and supporter Julia to you to hear about the Ten for Tender challenge she has taken on.

Julia likes to talk….a lot…. She speaks several different languages to make sure she never has to stop chatting!

Her friends and family have been astonished to hear that she’s taking on the immense personal challenge of pledging ten waking hours of silence.  Few of us have heard Julia be quiet for more than two minutes in all the time we’ve known her.  There have been many failed games of charades.

This is going to be extremely tough for her and though we will miss her chatter for the day, we’re delighted and honoured that she will be raising money for Tender.  She’s going to take on the task on the 13th of July from 2pm until midnight.  She is braving the task in public to increase the challenge and will be found in Bar Kino who are happily hosting this awareness and fundraiser.

To support Julia’s efforts, please sponsor her on her Justgiving page by following this link: http://www.justgiving.com/Julia-hawkins2

Then come along to Kino to celebrate when the clock strikes midnight and she can finally start singing again!

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