Tender's first visit to Soft Touch

We visited Soft Touch in Leicester at the beginning of this week to see how they were getting on with their first year as one of Tender’s national partners.

Having already completed one project at the end of 2102, and currently running a further three projects simultaneously, the arts organisation are well on their way to completing all 6 schools by the end of their first year. Jake, Tender’s Education Manager, joined Kelly and Jim from Soft Touch on the first of a three day Healthy Relationships project at New College.

Working with a group of 24 young people from Year 9, the day was packed with information as Kelly and Jim covered many of the key issues and demonstrated their extensive knowledge and conscientious approach to the subject.  The participants from New College also engaged with the discussions and activities and seemed to really grasp the significance of the issue at hand. We would have liked to stay and see what work emerged by the end of the three days.

We are really looking forward to further visits to our partners and seeing more young people across the country develop their understanding and creating their own work from the Healthy Relationships project. Well done Soft Touch!

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