Tender’s Vision Meets Envision’s Mission

This past week, Tender facilitators traveled to Envision’s London office to offer a workshop on healthy relationships to a group of passionate young people who have their eyes on the future. Founded in 2000, Envision’s programme works hard to highlight relevant local issues and to help young people stand up and act responsibly to address these issues.

Here at  Tender we love when young people take our workshops and run with them, and we were thrilled to hear that the young people of Envision have decided to campaign for healthy relationships alongside us! By engaging their individual schools, these extraordinary young people hope to tackle unhealthy relationships head on, and will hopefully continue to pass Tender’s message along. We can’t wait to hear what Envision’s young people will do next, and we’ll be sure to keep you posted!

Click on the picture below to check out Envision’s website!

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