Tender launches the National Partnership Programme, with support from the Big Lottery fund.

Tender’s Healthy Relationship’s project is going national!

We have teamed up with four organisations from across England to deliver Tender’s Healthy Relationships model to over 90 secondary schools throughout the UK over the next three years.

Having over seven years experience of working with at-risk young people in schools across London, Tender felt it was time to take the programme further afield. Thanks to the Big Lottery fund, Lankelley Chase, Paul Hamlyn and John Ellerman Foundations and our new partners we are now able to do this.

As we have discovered over the years there is an acute gap in domestic violence prevention programmes across England, so much so that young people are more likely to learn about the issues from soap operas than from teachers. It continues to be a shocking fact that in the UK one in four girls and 18% of boys aged 13-17 have experienced physical partner violence. Due to the lack of preventative measures in place young people are receiving inaccurate information about abuse and lacking opportunities to change their attitudes of tolerance towards violence. Through this new partnership programme we aim to help over 16,000 young people develop skills and knowledge to avoid abusive behaviour and improve the quality of their personal, school and community relations.

From almost a hundred applicants we narrowed down our partnership selection to just four organisations based on their experience of working with young people, their track record of working in schools and their dedication to the prevention of domestic violence and the promotion of healthy relationships. Tender will now work alongside Peer Productions in Surrey, Soft Touch in Leicestershire, Relate North Essex in Essex and Liverpool John Moores University in Merseyside. Through these four very different organisations Tender has gained an even greater set of skills, fresh perspectives and a new opportunity for development.

Look out for more in depth introductions to our individual partner organisations at noon each day over the forthcoming week and hear why they were interested in teaming up with Tender.

Over the next three years our partner organisations will be following the tried and tested Healthy Relationships model that has so far reached 28,000 young people in 250 in school and out of school settings in London. The partners will run drama-based sessions with young people, enable peer education performance, deliver teacher training and ultimately educate and encourage young people to develop positive, healthy attitudes towards both romantic relationships and friendships. As a national team we are now able to deliver this training, engage and offer support to far more at-risk young people than was previously possible. With this extensive opportunity we ultimately aim to engage Government and the Department of Education in the provision of domestic and sexual violence education, integrating these issues into the National Curriculum and teacher training requirements.

We have also contracted a team of experts from Middlesex University to assess the impact of the project across all five regions of delivery. To gauge a clear understanding of the impact the project has had Middlesex will incorporate the views of young people, teachers, workshop facilitators, local authority officials and funders to build on the results of our London based evaluation. Their expertise in and around issues of gender based violence and their experience in evaluation will help monitor and de-construct the impact this partnership has had on the young people we will work with and help inform Tender’s work in the future. As we come in to our tenth year, this is yet another first for Tender and we are sure it will bring about even more positive developments for the future of the organisation.

We are really excited about this next huge step for Tender. Working with these dynamic new organisations, we look forward to seeing where this collaboration will take us over the next three years.


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