Bold and Bald: A Unique Protest Against Domestic Violence

American news anchor Jai Cunningham’s personal response to domestic violence is a moving event to witness. One of the biggest struggles in trying to raise awareness about domestic crime is that people often have the idea that it is none of their business.

The abuse is happening within an intimate relationship and it doesn’t directly affect them, so why get involved? The truth is that it affects so many people and those who are in an abusive relationship desperately need outside help and support. You cannot always see the physical damage the violence causes, so for Cunningham to physically react by shaving his head, he raises awareness of how real and widespread the problem is and that it is crucial to support the victims in any way possible.

Cunningham makes a great statement, however it doesn’t seem to me that he emphasizes enough the prevalence of domestic homicide. He mentions that he thinks he will probably shave his head at least 6 to 8 more times in the coming year, but the truth is that according to the US Domestic Violence Resource Centre, 1,247 women were killed by an intimate partner in the year 2000. I would be surprised if those numbers had drastically changed in the last 12 years, so it is safe to say that if he really shaves his head every time someone is killed by domestic violence, he will be hairless for the entire year. The public needs to know that this is not a small problem that only affects a minority of people- domestic abuse happens on a daily basis.

Jai Cunningham’s message is important and I hope it reaches and impacts many people, but we also need to look at the larger scale of the issue and make sure everyone knows the facts.

rubyWritten by Ruby Smith

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