Invitation To Tender For An Independent Evaluation Of Tender’s National Partnership Programme

Since 2004, Tender has delivered a unique model of healthy relationship education to over 200 secondary schools and pupil referral units across Greater London. Tender is now seeking to roll-out this model at a national level.  Tender has secured funding from a consortium of funders to pilot our first national partnership model, “Tender Relationships.” “Tender Relationships” will be delivered by a formal partnership of five organisations in five regions of the UK, including Tender.

The main purpose of the evaluation is to:

Assess the impact of the work

Identify the lessons learnt from the work, in particular, the delivery of the model by partner organisations.

Identify best practice for wider dissemination

Influence education policy and practice at the individual school level, the borough-wide level, and, at national level.

Understand the key components necessary to create an operations manual that will ensure quality control and quality of delivery.

Tenders will need to include:

A framework for the work including what are considered to be the key milestones and accompanying time line;

An exploration of the types of appropriate methodologies that could be employed in identifying impact of the programme at a national level over the 3 years;

A budget for the work to include any overheads/management costs and including figures for expenses and VAT where appropriate;

Key personnel involved in undertaking the work – their experience and past work.

A list of (similar) projects evaluated by the evaluation team/organisation

The name and contact details of two independent referees.

A maximum of £48,000 (including expenses and VAT) is available for the evaluation of this project.  This includes the costs of producing the report.

The closing date for tenders is 5pm 31stAugust 2012

Jake Tily
Email: jake@tender.org.uk
Phone:  020 7431 7228

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