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Essex Relate

Our final collaboration brings a new field of expertise to our mix of partners. Relate North Essex and East Herts offers counselling and training for individuals, couples, families and young people.

Their over arching ethos as an umbrella organisation is ‘successful, healthy relationships are essential for fulfilling, stress-free lives’. Their pool of highly trained professionals offer an extensive range of counselling including sex therapy, family counselling, anti-bullying programmes, life skills training courses and therapeutic mediation to name just a few.

Tender have partnered specifically with an individual branch of the organisation called Essex Change, a community domestic abuse intervention project. At the core of this individual project is an ongoing, supportive programme offered to non-convicted men to prevent abusive behaviour. To tackle this endemic issue with a more holistic approach this programme also runs parallel to a variety of women’s and children’s services. This level of expertise and knowledge in the field will undoubtedly be exhibited in their approach and delivery of Tender’s Healthy Relationships project.

It is not only their expertise around issues of domestic violence and the promotion of healthy relationships that made Tender want to collaborate with this Essex based charity. Their track record of working with young people ranges from the Relate Youth Service, established over 14 years ago to the new Essex Change Youth project that works with targeted young people aged 13-19 years old to change their behaviour and attitudes towards violence in relationships.

Much like Tender, Relate North Essex have run programmes in schools, both primary and secondary promoting healthy relationships and educating students to understand what a respectful and equal relationship consists of. However, Tender’s Healthy Relationships model has resulted in further collaborations for the organisation as they will be bringing external drama experts in to facilitate parts of the project.

Lora Draper, the Service Manager for Relate North Essex and a facilitator, assessor and Treatment Manager for Essex Change will be leading the Essex strand of Tender’s Healthy Relationships project. Listen to Lora Draper talk further about her organisation and her understanding of the issues we aim to address.

For more information on the work of Relate North Essex and Essex Change follow the links below.




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