Team Tender and their Ten K Challenge!

Several months ago, our director Susie McDonald decided that Tender should sign up for the British 10K.  From the comfort of the office, with the race seeming very far away, six trustees and staff members were persuaded to join in.  Thus, Team Tender was formed of Susie, Oli (Development Manager), Dorota (Finance Manager), Katie, Alex and Sylvan (all trustees).

Throughout the following weeks, the training was met with varying levels of excitement, reluctance, fear and resilience.  They ran, stretched and tried to sneakily ascertain who was doing more training than they were letting on.

Last Sunday morning, the day finally arrived (much more quickly than it had seemed like it would).  It was early in the morning, nerves were frayed and it was pouring rain but despite all of that, Team Tender had a brilliant time! They all managed to complete the race cheered on by thousands of people and amazingly – are up for doing it again next year!  They have managed to raise over £1,200 already and there’s still time to donate so please honour their achievement by giving anything you can through our justgiving page.

This triumph marks the start of our year of Ten for Tender.  We’re celebrating ten years of Tender’s work to end abuse and promote healthy relationships in the lives of young people.  Throughout the year our supporters are participating in all kinds of activities with a theme of ten: running 10K, getting 10 friends to cycle to Brighton, keeping silent for 10 (waking) hours, baking 10 cakes for a bake sale etc. etc.

If you want to get involved, get in touch with doireann@tender.org.uk to find out more.  Here’s what Sylvan said about his 10K

“As I gingerly sit down at my laptop to begin another week I am reflecting back on a wet and wonderful Sunday. Thank you Tender from making me get up off my ever increasing butt and run 10k! Yes it rained a bit and yes at 7k I did rethink why I was there and then I was reminded that, including gift aid Team Tender has raised almost £1500. How? By getting up off their butts, I can only comment on the girth of my own, and taking to the streets.

Well done all”

Have a look at how the day went below!  All photos by Victor Frankowski 

Katie, Alex, Susie and Dorota get ready to begin

Oli taking it in his stride

Tender’s Cheering Squad (Long time supporter Róisín and Campaign Manager Doireann) support from the sidelines

Motivational words

Representing the team

Sylvan looks to his music to get him through

Susie in the final stretch

Medals in hand, the champions have triumphed! Next stop Olympics…



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