The Tender Choice Project is launched at the Roundhouse

On July 2nd, we launched our long awaited Tender Choice Project.  This is a youth developed interactive resource which helps audiences to explore healthy and unhealthy relationships.

 In each of the six sections, a scene is played out involving a difficult and unhealthy event in a relationship.  The audience can choose what the characters do next and explore the different endings.  Most of the time, there isn’t a right or wrong answer, there isn’t always an easy solution but considering choice, responsibility and safety, users can begin to think about and discuss what makes a healthy relationship.

The film was developed with multi Webby award winner/BAFTA and Emmy nominee Martin Percy.  Our youth ambassadors worked on the scripts and format with Martin and Tender workshop leaders to develop a resource that resonated with young people.  The resource will be toured to youth centres across London with a workshop to examine the issue, challenge violence-tolerant attitudes, promote healthy relationships and signpost young people to support.  Our youth ambassadors will work as co-facilitators at some of these projects, lending their own expertise to the activities.

The resource was created over one madcap day where the Roundhouse very kindly let Tender’s youth ambassadors take over.  There were film shoots, rehearsal rooms, spoken word workshops, audio recording sessions etc.  To get an idea of how it all went, take a look at our ‘behind the scenes’ film created by Tom Carter and presented by youth ambassador Eden.

At the event on the 2nd of July, Hannah and KK, two members of Tender’s Youth Board compered the evening.   Youth ambassadors presented The Choice Project, explained how it will be used and why it was important to examine those particular aspects of relationships.  They talked about their journey to becoming ambassadors and what it meant to them.  Throughout the night, there were performances of spoken word pieces developed by young people during Tender workshops with Apples and Snakes facilitators.  You can hear audio recordings of some of their pieces on mixcloud

If you want to find out about more about The Tender Choice Project or about becoming a youth ambassador, contact doireann@tender.org.uk

Here are some photos (by Becky Warnock) of the preparations and the Roundhouse event:

Youth Ambassadors from Green Shoes Arts work on their spoken word pieces

Rehearsing for their presentation

Our brilliant compères!

We want to say a massive thank you to the following people:

All our amazing youth ambassadors!

Tender’s workshop leaders Tamsin Larby, Tas Emiabata, Becky Warnock, Miles Openshaw

Martin Percy

The Roundhouse

Green Shoes Arts

Clean Break

Only Connect

Apples and Snakes

Tom Carter


and our Youth Leadership Coordinator Marie Horner, for bringing it all together

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