Yvette Cooper Speaks up for Sex Education

In the midst of the Labour Party Conference going on this week, Shadow home secretary Yvette Cooper made a stand for having mandatory sex education in all schools for both young men and women andĀ “including zero tolerance of violence in relationships” (BBC news).

Yvette Cooper Speaks

This statement is largely in response to the Rochdale Case- in which there was a cycle of child abuse involvingĀ girls as young as 10 years old being preyed upon by nine men who were all eventually imprisoned. It is great news that Cooper is pushing for this positive change to be made in our education system. However, it is important to remember that there are many cases similar to the Rochdale case that are not made public or even reported to authorities. Those nine men may be in prison, but there is still so much work to be done, especially with youth.

Hopefully this incident will make people realize the severe results of child and relationship abuse and let other victim’s voices be heard. Cooper understands that the best way to prevent domestic abuse in the future is by targeting the younger generations and making sure they are fully educated.

rubyWritten by Ruby Smith, Administrative Intern

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