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Rochelle, aged 17, joined Tender for a week to support our work and learn about how we use drama and the arts to educate young people and help keep them safe. Here is her description of how her week went...

I was at Tender for a one-week work experience and had learned so much. I had found the experience very interesting and I enjoyed every single bit of it. Since the first day, I had gained a lot of confidence, such as to speaking up, asking questions and giving feedback /ideas of my own. I have always been interested in the safety of others and keeping them safe from issues such as rape, abusive relationships, exploitation, grooming and internet safety. When I found out my placement for work experience would be with Tender, I researched them and was very excited to be a part of that environment and gain more knowledge about what they do to help others and how it works.

On the first day I was given some booklets and was shown Tender’s website to understand a bit more about what they do there. In the afternoon, I was invited to a meeting to discuss and write down the changes that have happened with Tender and their progress. Being in that meeting and taking note of what people were saying was very useful to me, as I got a better understanding on how to deliver a presentation to students of all ages. I could provide a lot of feedback and ideas that I had in mind of how they could improve.

The second day, I was given tasks to complete. I watch videos based on certain safety topics quite a lot, so I was asked to create a list of videos I’d seen that I thought could be useful to present in Tender’s workshops that they deliver to students and/or staff in schools, and my previous interest meant I found it quite easy to find good videos. The videos I listed were mainly short films and I had organised them into certain categories, such as what topic the videos address, and the age I felt was appropriate to show certain videos to. However, I would have to say that some videos discussing real life cases of abuse were really hard to watch. The videos used words rather than pictures, but still was very intense and heart breaking to watch. Watching those videos made me realize a lot more than I imagined on how important a child’s safety is and the limits to child discipline.  Those are the type of videos I would say that adults should witness, such as teachers and parents, so they know how to help children, as I feel it is too far too intense for a young child to be exposed to.  My next task was to look through Tender’s social media accounts and come up with as many ideas to improve the pages. I know ways on how to make a page look interesting: such as Instagram, I came up with ideas to post videos of previous workshops and interviews with students on how they found the workshops and to also post more inspirational quotes.

On the third day, I was invited to a whole day meeting to discuss and give feedback on how to improve Tender’s presentations and how to deliver them. It was very interesting to hear others’ point of views on certain topics and their way of delivering a presentation. It was not that long ago when I was in secondary school myself and I remember the kind of things we enjoyed whenever we had an assembly. Therefore, I found it easy and approachable to talk about what secondary school students enjoy in workshops. I seemed to learn a lot during the meeting, specifically to do with the law some of which had me in shock, such as how it is illegal to send nude photos to another person if you are under 18 as it is considered as child pornography. During the evening we spoke more about what should be in the presentation and the difference of the delivery for students and staff, including parents. There were quite a few things I liked about being in that meeting, one was that everyone’s ideas and input was contributed and discussed. The other thing was that I learned something new about safety, and another thing was that I could relate to so much that was being said, therefore I myself had a lot to say, as I am very much a part of this generation and know about the way society works.

On the fourth day I was given a task to input a completed questionnaire answered by students who had done projects with Tender onto a website called Survey Monkey. It was pretty straightforward especially once I got the hang of it, therefore I gained the skill as how to use Survey Monkey as I was new to the website.

The last day was the hardest as I was obviously leaving, the week went so quick I had learned so much and developed a lot of skills and I can say I was very glad to have had that experience and been surrounded by such creative, supportive and friendly staff.

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