Domestic Violence Awareness Month

“Success will come when the societal attitude changes and not a single woman in America asks herself the question ‘What did I do?’” — Joe Biden, Vice President of the United States

At Tender we work to distinguish the healthy relationships from the unhealthy and prevent domestic abuse and sexual violence. Domestic violence comes in all forms: physical, sexual and psychological and most begin at a young age.

Throughout the month of October we will be sharing stories, videos and statistics about domestic violence in order to highlight Domestic Violence Awareness Month in the United States. We would love to generate a discussion and highlight the impact this issue has on people of all ages, races and sexual orientations.

The US has been observing DVAM since October 1987 and a law was passed in ’89 to make it official. On the first Monday of the month the Day of Unity is observed which mourns those who have died, celebrates those who survived and connects those trying to end domestic violence.

In the United Kingdom, a woman is killed every 3 days by a current or former partner. As of 2014, 28.3% of women and 14.7% of men had experienced some domestic abuse since the age of 16. This is a massive problem and the United States dedicating an entire month to awareness is a fantastic initiative. We want you to contribute in any way you feel comfortable: share a post, comment or suggest content you think is important.

If you or anyone you know is looking for help, please call one of the services provided below.

ChildLine- 0800 1111

ChildLine is the free and confidential 24-hour helpline for young people and children in the UK. You can call ChildLine with any worry, big or small. Calls to this number will not show up on mobile phone or landline bills.

National Domestic Violence Helpline- 0808 2000 247

Freephone the 24-hour National Domestic Violence Helpline, run in partnership between Women’s Aid and Refuge. Calls to this number will not show up on BT Landline phone bills.

Rape Crisis- 0808 802 9999

A telephone helpline service for women and girls who are survivors of rape, child sexual abuse, sexual harassment or any form of sexual violence. Click here for their website.

Broken Rainbow- 0300 99 5428

Broken Rainbow UK is the only National LGBT Domestic Violence Helpline providing confidential support to all members of the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Trans (LGBT) communities, and their families and friends. Click herefor their website.

Written by Seana Stevenson

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