My Best Friend: and Lily, Eleanor, Lottie, Daniel and Me!

So, this Saturday 28th September sees my best friend Sophie running a 5km Park Run in Oakleigh Park, Barnet.  This is a short-ish distance but this time Sophie will be surrounded by buddies – me and my lovely girls and partner.  Lily is 12, Eleanor 9 and Lottie 8 (Daniel ranges between 38 and 44).  We are all very excited to be joining Soph although we may slow her down rather.

We’ll put up some pictures and I might even ask the girls to write the next blog to let you know how it went.

Then Soph will be on to the final of the 10 runs – the big Half Marathon on 5th October.  She’s raised a wonderful amount for Tender so far but do keep supporting her if you can.

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