Ten words for Tender - Call for Writers

Ten words for Tender - Call for Writers

Introducing our literature event to celebrate Ten for Tender! This summer, we are beginning a project called ‘Ten words for Tender’.

This summer, we are beginning a project called ‘Ten words for Tender’.  We’re asking people to donate ‘ten word love stories’.  The idea, which was developed by our youth board, comes from a six word novel attributed to Ernest Hemingway “For sale, baby shoes, never worn.”  We will ask young people we work with, staff and professional writers to all contribute a love story.  When we’ve gathered the material, we will take a look at the common themes we all talk about when we think of relationships.

We will have 2-3 creative writing workshops with some of our young people.  They will be facilitated by one writer and one Tender facilitator.  The workshops will cover the usual ground that our work does (components of healthy relationships, early warning signs, cyberbullying/stalking, challenging victim blaming, exploring consent, helping your friends, signposting support) through the medium of creative writing and the participants will be asked to create their 10 word stories at the end.  Young people who have been reluctant to participate in writing projects due to low literacy skills have been engaged by the introduction of spoken word artists who have helped them to use poetry and short stories to communicate their thoughts.

Once all of our contributors have created their stories, we will showcase the work at The British Library on October 17th, allowing the young participants to share the stage with professional writers.  The stories will all be collected to create a publication and podcast which includes tools that teachers can use to repeat the project and begin discussions about relationships with their students.

If you are interested in being involved and donating a ten word story, please contact Campaign Manager Doireann Larkin on doireann@tender.org.uk.

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