Could You Write a 10 Word Love Story?

Children and young people need our support more than ever...and all it takes is 10 words.

As many of us will sadly be aware, reports of domestic abuseĀ have risen by alarming rates during Covid-19, and are harder to tackle than ever. Children are at risk of abuse in their relationships every day, and Tender are working to stop this before it starts.

Young people are the age group most likely to experience abuse: both within their families and their own relationships. Right now, many are isolated from their usual support networks, or navigating their relationships entirely online. And, once lockdown is over, they will need more support than ever to build healthy relationships that are free from abuse.

And that’s where you come in. With many of us separated from or concerned about our loved ones, finding ways to stay connected, and to focus on being kind to one another, is vital for all of us.

To fundraise for Tender, all you need to do is spread the word…or 10 words to be exact! We are challenging you to write a love story to share online and nominate others to do the same…but here’s the catch: your love story can only be 10 words long.

For example:

Once you’ve written your 10 Word Love Story:

Share it on Twitter or Instagram, using the hashtags #10ForTender and #10WordLoveStories . You can share your story as a tweet, a photo, or even a video

Donate Ā£10 – or whatever you can afford – to Tender via JustGiving

Nominate more people – maybe 10! – to join in

By taking part in #10ForTender, you will help empower thousands of young people to have healthy relationships based on equality and respect: a generation whose love stories never have to involve abuse.

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