APPG Publishes Recommendations for Prevention of Child Sexual Abuse

Last year the Child Protection All Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) asked Tender’s director, Susie McDonald, to take part in a seminar series focusing on ways to prevent child sexual abuse. The APPG has now released their report which contains six recommendations for the Government. We are happy to provide a link to the full report:

Child Protection All Party Parliamentary Group: Recommendations for the prevention of child sexual abuse and better support for victims  (April 2014)

We welcome this report and its effort to highlight the ongoing levels of abuse that many children and young people still face.  It is about all agencies working and communicating effectively together in order to try to address this appalling issue. We of course value the acknowledgement that prevention education must play a part in ending abuse and the recommendation that it should be a statutory part of all young people’s education.

Tender has always believed that healthy relationships education should be an ongoing component of the curriculum, and is proud to have enabled 49,000 young people to participate in awareness raising workshops since we began in 2003.

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