#BeAMate Competition Launches

Tender has paired with Postcards for Peace for an exciting new Design Competition!! Our work across the UK has taught us that the majority of young people experiencing an unhealthy relationship will talk to a friend instead of a parent, teacher, or police officer.

As a friend, you are in a unique position to help by listening and guiding them to support. Many young people in an unhealthy relationship may feel isolated from their friends by their partners. We know it can be frustrating if your friend keeps cancelling plans or grows distant, but it may be that they need you more than ever.

That’s why for the next 4 weeks, we are asking you to join in our competition and create an illustration for the theme #BeAMate! Winning designs will be featured on our website and may even be PUBLISHED on postcards by Postcards For Peace!  You can tweet your entries to @tenderuk!

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