Tender Responds to the Report Released by the Office of the Children's Commissioner for England

Today the Office of the Children’s Commissioner for England released a report looking into child on child abuse in the UK, and some of Tender’s Youth Ambassadors were invited to BBC London studio to share their thoughts and reactions to the findings.

Tender Youth Ambassadors on BBC London (click the link to hear an excerpt from the BBC London Radio Show)

Susie McDonald, Tender’s director, has also released a statement about the new report:

“Tender welcomes the report from the Office of the Children’s Commissioner for England.  Over the last ten years  Tender has worked with thousands of young people to define the components of healthy and unhealthy relationships.  Young people regularly describe incidents of abuse within their own relationships which they often view as normal or acceptable; being shouted at, being threatened and being coerced to be sexually active.

It is absolutely vital that there is a consistent and definitive response to this report  from adults – teachers, parents and other professionals – engaging with young people.  Young people must have access to education that enables them to understand their rights and responsibilities within relationships.  They must be clear about what is acceptable, that they have a right to relationships free from violence and that if things go wrong they can access support from adults who will believe them and not condemn them.”

The findings reported are certainly raising alarms, but it is up to all of us to make sure these alarms lead to practical and active engagement with young people. Concern is a good start, but together lets strive for change.

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