Welcoming our new intern, Jess

This week Tender welcomed a new face to our team in the form of Jessica, our new intern.

This week Tender welcomed a new face to our team in the form of Jessica, our new intern. We asked Jessica if she would be happy to share some thoughts on her first week in London and with us, and she very kindly obliged:

After being here for the past 5 days I can confidently say that I have been enjoying my time here. I’m learning my way around, making friends, appreciating the London lifestyle, and most importantly, applying my degree by working for a non-profit organization called: Tender.

However, that’s not to say that it has all has been smooth and dandy. Although, London’s weather is similarly to Portland’s and both are known for their immense beer variety, don’t let that fool you. Coming from a much smaller city of 600,000 people, to London’s 8 million there’s so much difference in terms of size and lifestyle. London’s Double decker busses speeding through the streets, pedestrians sprawling in and out of the tube station, and subtle English speaking differences. Also, what is unnerving at times is not knowing many people here. Fortunately, though, a huge part of me is glad that nobody knows me, it’s nice to get a break from that small city feel.

Anyway, my first day in London was filled with confusion and excitement. After a long day of hurling my luggage around I finally made it to Spitalfields. The day next was my first real experience at Tender. I remember being immediately greeted by Dorota. She led me up on the lift and through the building, and gave me a quick tour around then showed me to my desk. Soon after she kindly asked if I wanted anything to drink, and I really couldn’t resist a cup of tea. Nearby the fridge there is a list with names posted stating who likes what in their tea or coffee and I found that to be absolutely cute and welcoming.

As this being my first time internship, I didn’t know what quite to expect. All I knew for certain was that I so desperately wanted to be a part of a company which focused on the matters of women’s rights and liberation. Luckily, I got this job, and luckily everything is going well. I feel honoured to have received an intern job at Tender; a non-profit company that works hard with youth to promote healthy relationships through the use of drama and arts. Working here will support me in my social services work further down the line. Within the first few days here I already have learned how to use valuable computer programs and applications such as excel, salesforce, and survey monkey. Never having an office job before this is a new avenue for me to take. Working for Tender will be a turning point in my life and I will continue to learn as much as I can these next few months.

Written by Tender intern, Jessica Chicharro

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