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Placements & Volunteering

Tender has an active and well organised university placement and volunteer programme

Placements & Volunteering

We work hard to ensure those who participate in the programme have a constructive and valuable experience in return for the hours they dedicate to the organisation and preventing domestic and sexual violence and abuse.

A number of participants have commented on how valuable and influential their time at Tender has been. In particular, participants said they gained a voice to speak out through participation in team meetings and events; and learnt numerous work-related skills. A surprise to the team was the discovery of how much the placement students and volunteers named the value of strong female role models at Tender which contributed to them developing feelings of self-belief and esteem.  A number of our placement students and volunteers went on to find employment with our partner organisations as a direct result of their involvement with Tender.

Placement students and volunteers are a valuable resource to Tender, its staff and its clients.  Tender expects those who support the organisation with their time to gain from the experience. Our opportunities are predominantly based within the Tender offices and we expect the experience to be a truthful reflection of employment within a not for profit organisation.

In return for your time...

  • You will gain a truthful reflection of employment within a not for profit organisation
  • You will receive a brief of your role at Tender
  • You can expect to be included within all team activities and meetings, which will provide you the opportunity to work with a dedicated group of individuals striving to prevent violence and abuse
  • You will be line managed by a designated team member who will supervise your area of work
  • You will be invited to represent Tender at different awareness raising events
  • Your knowledge and understanding of drama based interventions will expand
  • Your knowledge and understanding of violence against women and girls will expand
  • You will be treated with respect and as a member of the team
  • You can participate in relevant training opportunities
  • If desired, Tender will assist you in your own development (e.g. future career opportunities)
  • You will be able to request a reference for further work opportunities
  • Your expenses will be reimbursed

What Tender expects from placement students and volunteers...

In return participants should agree to actively perform their duties to the best of their abilities and to remain loyal to the values, goals and procedures of Tender. We expect placement students and volunteers, along with their main duties, to participate in the everyday activities of the organisation.

We expect:

  • A desire to prevent and end violence and abuse
  • Professional behaviour
  • A desire to participate in all aspects of Tender’s work including routine activities
  • Regular attendance
  • Only work related use of Tender’s equipment
  • Ability to take responsibility for one’s own behaviour
  • Ability to respond to ad hoc work requests
  • Participation in an evaluation of our placement student and volunteer programme
  • Two weeks’ notice if you’re unable to complete your placement or voluntary work