Sixth Form and University Projects

Sixth Form and University Projects

Transitional periods – such as leaving school and/or commencing further education – come with unique challenges for young people that can make them more vulnerable to perpetrating or becoming victims of peer pressure, exploitation and domestic or sexual violence.

In 2018, Revolt Sexual Assault published a report generated from speaking to 4,500 students and recent graduates about their experiences at a UK university. The report revealed that sexual assault and harassment are critical issues on UK campuses, with 62% of students and recent graduates reporting having experienced sexual violence and 56% of the perpetrators being known to the victim.

Fortunately, in 2017 Tender’s Youth Board were largely university students who had become passionate about addressing the prevalence of sexual harassment and sexual assault within universities and drama schools. They created the ‘Shoulder2Shoulder’ campaign, aimed at raising awareness of consent and sexual violence, what universities could do to tackle the issue, and how students could prepare for a positive university experience.

The campaign developed quickly and has since flourished into a broad programme for universities, conservatoires, and sixth-form colleges, which aims to:

  • Increase awareness of domestic abuse & sexual violence in further education
  • Shift cultural attitudes regarding responsibility for domestic abuse & sexual violence
  • Explore safe and informed bystander intervention practices
  • Identify additional barriers faced by marginalised groups with intersecting identities
  • Train staff and students on how to deal with disclosures sensitively and effectively
  • Increase awareness of support services available to students
  • Support the transition from sixth form to universities, including conversations around consent
  • Encourage a Whole University Approach to tackling domestic abuse & sexual violence

To find out more, please explore the options below:

Sixth Form Transition Projects

Tender work with sixth form colleges to deliver programmes aimed specifically at young people aged 16-19 who are approaching the legal status of adulthood and/or pursuing further education, work or training.

Student Workshops

Tender’s work with universities started in 2017 with our Shoulder2Shoulder campaign; a youth-led campaign raising awareness of sexual harassment and assault through student union trainings, consent workshops and bystander intervention initiatives.

Training for Universities & Conservatoires

We work with every university and conservatoire in a bespoke fashion to meet their particular needs. To find out how we can support you, click below.

The Shoulder2Shoulder Programme

Tender calls out for sexual violence prevention programme university partners. Applications close on Monday 12th July 2021.

Project Feedback

“The youths are the future of the population, respect is the foundation to becoming a better person”

Male, 15

“Equal amounts of affection and love has to go in both directions in a relationship”

Female, 16

“Amazing work with young people. Grateful to everyone who’s making this world a better place”

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