Playing Fair

A FREE audio resource for primary schools

Created in consultation with teachers, parents and young people at all stages of their education, this audio resource is designed to support and enhance the teaching of relationships education for primary-age children in a playful, accessible and age-appropriate way.


Based on recommendations from teachers and safeguarding leads, Playing Fair consists of five short audio plays, each focused on a different topic pertaining to healthy relationships, and accompanied by an educational resource pack full of engaging, arts-based activities to further explore the themes of each episode. Key topics covered by the episodes in this resource include:


  • Safe and healthy online behaviour
  • Emotions and conflict resolution
  • Self-esteem and confidence
  • Gender stereotypes and equality
  • Consent, boundaries and personal space


By encouraging children to engage in active listening and discussion, this resource aims to not only further their knowledge and understanding, but also support the development of core life skills such as empathy, resilience, and respect for themselves and others.

Image of Card Game

Card Game

Card game – £6; Set of 5 – £20; Set of 10 – £40

Our “What’s Your Excuse?” Card Game has been used successfully in formal and informal education settings for 5 years and has inspired debate, character work and deeper engagement with the issues. Tender developed the game to enable 13-18 year olds to explore different kinds of personalities in conflict with each other and the issues around peer pressure and relationship abuse.

This game was designed with young people to ensure that is engaging and creates group discussion as well as personal reflection. Information, statistics, instructions and helplines are included.

Image of Facilitator’s Pack

Facilitators' Pack


Our Facilitators’ Pack is full of easy to access activities and exercises to use with young people when learning about healthy relationships. The pack can be worked through as written, or used to form the basis of one-off sessions. A number of the resources within the pack, such as scripts and signposts, can also be used individually to complement other sessions.

This pack has been developed in consultation with educational professionals and forms the foundations of our work in schools and youth centres.

“I have reaffirmed my faith in active learning and drama as an inclusive and high level teaching tool.”                      Peter Czajkowski, Head of PSHE and Citizenship, Park View School


Image of #STATUS Cyberbullying Presentation Pack

#STATUS Cyberbullying Presentation Pack

Resource Pack and DVD: £35; Online Pack, DVD and 5 card games: £65;  Online Pack, DVD and 30 card games: £215

#STATUS provides teachers, youth workers and youth professionals with a unique animated film and session plans, for engaging young people aged 11-18 in the prevention of online bullying.

#STATUS and the accompanying What’s Your Excuse? card game encourage young people to honestly and comfortably share their opinions through exploring the characters and different scenarios.

The activities and discussions explore cyber bullying, relationship abuse, and the role of the bystander, and challenge the common acceptance of sexual bullying. #STATUS was developed with teachers and young people to ensure that the content can be easily incorporated into the curriculum and PSHE lessons.

Push Script Pack


Push is a play written by Susie McDonald which examines teenage pregnancy, sexual pressuring and unhealthy relationships. This resource includes the full script and an accompanying pack which allows professionals to facilitate activities to unpack the issues raised in ‘Push’.

This play and the additional workshops have toured across London at youth centres, pupil referral units and community projects.

Image of Tender Film Pack

Tender Film Pack

£15 for film/ £45 for Film and Online Pack

The ‘Tender’ film is one of our most popular resources. This film’s storyline was devised by young people to explore the issue of sexual consent. Produced to a high standard with Latimer Creative Media, this film takes a realistic and hard hitting look at some difficult issues common to many teenagers today. The film is accompanied by a resource pack to assist professionals in delivering accompanying sessions with young people.

The pack includes session plans, activities, discussion prompts and legal and statistical information. The ‘Tender’ film was accepted to be screened at the London Youth Film Festival.

In Her Shoes Script Pack


In Her Shoes is a play devised in consultation with groups of young people to look at the spectrum of abuse that can occur in unhealthy relationships and the role of friends and family in supporting victims.

This resource includes the ‘In Her Shoes’ script and a pack including session plans, helpful information and guidance and activities which may be used to explore the issues raised.

Image of Jess Film/Jess Film with Online Pack

Jess Film/Jess Film with Online Pack

£15 for film/ £30 for Film and Online Pack

For the last 3 months Jess has been seeing Carl and it’s going well, but now Carl wants something more – a picture that he says is just for him. Meanwhile, Jess’s best friend Amy is worried about her friend and the pressure Carl is putting on her. We also see Jess’s older brother Aaron’s long term relationship with Kelsey, but it’s difficult to know how much freedom and choice his girlfriend has. Who is caring and who is controlling in Jess’s life?

Image of 4 Rules of Thumb

4 Rules of Thumb

£5 each or 3 for £12

The 4 Rules of Thumb resource packs explore the best practice for promoting positive relationships and positive choices among students.
These are small teacher resource packs, listing themes and topics to be explored, short activities that can be included in existing schemes of work and best practice regarding safeguarding. The activities are a practical way of approaching the topic of relationships with your students. Through this resource pack, teachers are supported in creating whole school change by integrating positive relationship messages into student learning.

Packs are available for the following topics:

  • Exploring Healthy Relationships in Primary Schools
  • Exploring Healthy Relationships in Secondary Schools
  • Exploring Substance Misuse with Young People
  • Exploring Sexual Health for Young People

Talking About Challenging Topics - Free Guides for Parents & Carers

Sexting, Pornography and Sexual Bullying

Tender have developed three free downloadable resources for parents, carers and/or professionals working with young people, offering tips and advice for talking to young people about challenging topics. These include:



Sexual Bullying

To access these resources, please click on the icons below.

These resources are kindly funded by our friends at Islington Council, and are free for everyone to access and use.