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The Journey

Tender’s empowerment of young people to conduct healthy, positive relationships takes many forms

The Journey

Every young person's journey at Tender is different, and there are many ways you can get involved with our work and campaigns.

Some young people learn about healthy and unhealthy relationships through participating in a drama project at their school, some decide to join our Youth Board, and some become Tender Ambassadors in other ways.

View some of the creative campaigns young people have created here.

Take a look at the opportunities below and see where your Tender journey will take you.

The Journey starts here...

Peer learners

Learning, listening, understanding

Young people begin their journey with Tender as peer learners by experiencing a campaign created by other young people.

These campaigns introduce them to discussions about healthy and unhealthy relationships. They provide key information about what abusive relationships might look like and how to get help.

Learning from peers means they can see the positive attitudes other young people have when it comes to healthy relationships.

“I enjoyed learning more about the problem nobody discusses.”

Young learners

Producing, exploring, performing

Our Young Leaders get a chance to really explore issues around relationships, sexual bullying and helping friends through an interactive programme of workshops.

Through arts and drama, they develop strategies for identifying, avoiding or escaping abuse and think practically about how they can help their friends.

They create campaigns that they know will connect with their peers and present them in their schools and youth settings.

“It has taught us a lot more about abuse and how to prevent and protect.”

Relationship advisors

Supporting, Signposting, Educating

With the help of Tender facilitators, our Relationship Advisors get advanced training in mentoring and facilitation skills to become ambassadors of violence prevention.

They share positive messages throughout their communities that help create environments of safety. Their skills help them to recognize when their friends are at risk and help them to get support. We know that young people are on the front line when it comes to abuse in adolescent relationships.

They see what adults might miss. Young people are more likely to tell a friend than an adult if they’re worried about their relationship. We train our Relationship Advisors to be safe first responders, making sure that young people get the help they need.

“[I would] Listen and try to understand the situation. Do not defend the perpetrator, offer support and proactive ways to end the abuse, including ending the relationship/ Addressing how this could be done.”

Youth Board member

Campaigning, influencing, speaking out

Tender needs to make sure at all times that we’re responding to the right issues in the right ways to help young people as best we can.

Our Youth Board members are a passionate group of young people who meet monthly to advise on all of our projects, create new project ideas and campaigns and act as spokespeople to policy makers and the media.

They have trained peers and professionals to make sure that messages of abuse prevention spread as widely as possible.

“I got involved with Tender because the subject of healthy versus unhealthy relationships is something that affects everyone my age, so I can personally see the need for and the brilliant effect of Tender's work. I love how Tender actively tries to prevent the issue in a way that immediately helps change lives, and it's amazing to feel like a proper part of that.”

Youth Facilitator

Teaching, employment, working

The accredited Youth Facilitator programme came about as some of our Youth Board members showed a natural propensity for facilitating groups.

We already understood that young people are more likely to listen to their peers initially about the key issues we are addressing, more than they will listen and respond to adults. We wanted to increase the leadership role that young people have taken in devising and delivering our projects.

This has resulted in a much greater impact on both the Youth Facilitators and the young participants who are receiving high quality, relevant and engaging programmes of work. Youth Facilitators are paid for the workshops they deliver and are therefore developing excellent employability skills for the future.

“Both the course and working with Tender as a young facilitator has been a really enriching experience. I think having a young person on the team (as a youth facilitator) has brought a new light to the ways Tender can continue to connect with young people who are at the sessions in school settings, youth clubs and more.”


The young people at Tender are acting now to end abuse.