Impact Report 2019/20

Since 2003, Tender has educated over 500,000 young people about healthy relationships through creative programmes 

We have three core aims: 

  • To enable young people to develop positive attitudes towards relationships in order to prevent domestic abuse and sexual violence  
  • To educate adults with the skills and resources they need to promote healthy relationships amongst young people and amongst their own peers. 
  • To empower people to speak out and seek support if they, or someone they know, is experiencing abuse 

Our interactive projects support those aged 8 – 25 years to explore their rights, choices and responsibilities in relationships, and to recognise the early warning signs of domestic abuse and sexual violence. 

The rates of domestic abuse in the UK remain consistently high, with young people aged 16 – 25 at the greatest risk of experiencing it both as victims and as perpetrators. Tender’s mission is to prevent abuse – to stop it before it starts: preventing young people from becoming victims or perpetrators and empowering them to build healthy relationships based on equality and respect. 

Tender has worked with a range of independent evaluators including DMSS Research, Middlesex University and Project Oracle to develop robust processes for measuring the success of our educational, preventative work. 

To find out more about how we work and our impact, please download our 2019/20 Impact Report.