Tender’s Art Competition: Tender Expressions

As an organisation that works with young people to tackle domestic abuse and sexual violence, we’re aware of the incredible power that young people can have in changing cultural attitudes towards relationships and gender equality. With every healthy relationship project that we deliver, we meet talented young people who have incredibly creative ideas on how we can engage other young people in these conversations. That is why on Monday 6th November, Tender will be launching their first ever national art competition, called Tender Expressions.

Tender Expressions is an art competition for young people by young people and was developed by a sixth-form student, who volunteered with Tender over the summer.

The competition consists of three categories, each designed for a particular age group on a theme related to our work. The winner of each category will receive a £100 art gift card and will have elements of their design turned into a new awareness raising resource! 

Key Dates

4th November 2019: Applications open
16th December 2019: Deadline
10th January 2020: Winners chosen and will be notified (25 days)
31st January 2020: Deadline for winners & runners-up to respond


Ages 5 – 11

Topic: Healthy Friendships and Gender Equality

Size of Piece: Up to A4

Since 2013, Tender have been delivering arts-based workshops to primary school students to promote conversations around healthy friendships, expressing emotions and support. This fall, we are looking for talented young artists to enter our exciting competition, where your artwork will be used to create a resource which will be displayed across the UK, encouraging schools to think about healthy relationships and gender equality.

Submissions can come in many different forms. It can be as simple as using bright colours and creating a piece on what you think is a healthy relationship. It can be based on your relationships with your friends, your family, carers or teachers. This piece should be about showing friendship or equality between 2 or more people.

Ages 12 – 16

Topic: Unhealthy or Abusive Relationships

Size of Piece: Up to A3

Since 2004, Tender have been delivering drama-based workshops to secondary school students to prevent domestic abuse and raise awareness of the support service available. This fall, we’re inviting talented young artists to enter our competition, where your artwork can be displayed to increase awareness of abusive relationships.

Submissions in this category could include pieces on; early warning signs; victim blaming culture; different types of abuse; overcoming barriers to seeking support; support; or, helping someone who is experiencing abuse in a relationship.

Entries for this category can come in all different shapes and sizes, including different styles of art and materials.

Ages 17 - 25

Topic: Increase Knowledge of Sexual Violence, Support & Self-care

Size of Piece: Up to A3

Since 2017, Tender have been delivering workshops in Universities and Sixth Forms to tackle sexual violence and harassment, with a key focus on peer support and self-care. As a continuation of this theme, Tender are looking for submissions in this category to help raise awareness of sexual violence and to inform young people of the support available when experiencing these behaviours, or adversity.

Submissions in this category could include artwork on; pressure; what sexual harassment or assault is; victim blaming and perpetrator excusing; consent; peer support; or portraying self-care techniques that focus on mental wellbeing. We would like to see these pieces promote a sense of community and a united front on tackling these issues.

Entries for this category can come in all different shapes and sizes, including different styles of art and materials.


The winner of each category will receive a £100 art gift card from Hobby Craft and will have elements of their design produced into a resource.

Each category will have 2 runners-up and will receive a £25 art gift card.

The winners and runners-up will also have their work posted on Tender’s website.

Application Process

  • Tender must receive entries for the competition by the deadline (16th December). All entries must have the correct postage and packing if you want your entry to be returned.
  • Please send all Physical submissions with a completed application form to the address below:

Bradley O’Donoghue

Tender Education & Arts

Resource For London

356 Holloway Road


N7 6PA

Write your name, age, email address, contact number and postal address on the back of your piece. If you would like your picture returned, please send us the correct postage and package and write ‘please return’ on the back. We can only send back pictures with the CORRECT postage and packaging included.

Click here to download the application form.

Click here to download the competition rules and terms & conditions.