How we do it

Theatre and the arts are powerful tools to learn about relationship abuse

How we do it

Tender uses drama and the arts to create spaces in which children and young people can explore sensitive issues safely and playfully.

Young people can “rehearse” situations in order to observe the consequences of their choice of action.  They can “step into the shoes” of other characters and so develop empathy and understanding for how it feels to be someone else.

Theatre allows participants to address problems at a distance; discussing the problems of a character means they do not have to talk about themselves but can draw on their own experiences to understand the context of that character.

Theatre and the arts is playful and creates a safe, open environment to discuss and learn about vital but challenging subjects.

By playing a character or watching a performer, young people can decide for themselves what is appropriate behaviour in a relationship instead of being told what to do or think.

Project Feedback

"Through games as well as intriguing activities, I have learnt statistics about abuse, types of abuse, how the victim feels, how abuse can affect the future of victims, how victims can be supported and charities that can help."

Female, 14

“The workshops challenged the young people without them feeling threatened (and also without them realizing it!). I would definitely recommend the workshop, the sessions were fun and at the same time very informative and I think everybody took something away from it.“

Youth Support Service