Call out

Tender has been delivering work in schools across London since 2003 and we now feel our evidenced Tender Healthy Relationships Project needs to be rolled out nationally.

Tender is now inviting expressions of interest from organisations who would like to join the partnership of a national initiative for violence prevention in the lives of young people.

To obtain an information document giving full details of the social franchise system, please email Susie McDonald susie@tender.org.uk, or David Stothard david@tender.org.uk marking your email ‘National Partnership Network’.

Project Feedback

“It was unusual for a university to be delivering the project to a school on site, but also very positive. The added value has been providing interns at LJMU with work experience on the programme, which has given them additional skills that they would not otherwise have had. Further to this, their experience has been a big employability boost; one person gained a job with Victim Support”

Partner Organisation

“A young person recently commented on a project questionnaire ‘A healthy relationship is - Communication, honesty and trust’. Tender believe just that. The success of a partnership is built on those building blocks. Together we can achieve not just a louder voice, but a stronger voice”

Tender Education & Arts