How it works
(and why it works)

Tender understands that each partner brings their own unique voice to the Tender Healthy Relationships Programme. We work hard alongside each organisation to support their journey from training to delivery completion.

We believe that our National Partnership Network enables a National presence while retaining a local identity.

This film was created with help from young people who participated in projects across Merseyside.

The sound quality isn’t great but the energy and enthusiasm shown by the students is!

Current Statistics

The following statistics are taken from young people who have directly participated in our project nationally since September 2014:

93% now have more understanding about what healthy and unhealthy relationships are

85% felt more confident in recognising violent or abusive relationships

89% had more knowledge about where to seek support or advice around violence or abusive relationships

95% said that violence is never ok except in self defence

97% could correctly recall that abuse can happen in same sex relationships

97% could correctly recall that 16-25 is the age group most at risk of an abusive relationship

94% could correctly recall that 1 in 3 women in Britain will experience domestic abuse at some point in their lifetime

Often young people will create their own resources or responses to the work

When sharing with their peers, the personal voice of one young person to another can have so much weight:


A poem by Olivia, Year 10

'Leave or Stay?'

Anonymous poem, Year 9 student

The Anti-abusers Rap

A rap by Miller, Adam, Harvey and James, Year 8 students

'I don’t want to be with you anymore'

Anonymous poem, Year 9 student

Project Feedback

"We could show emotions by being a character – it’s easier to stand tall and talk about it”

Young Person

“I have learned that domestic abuse occurs a lot and it could be me or someone I care about that has to face it. I have learned that there are ways to prevent it by reading the early warning signs”

Young Person

"This has been the best week of the whole school year"

Young Person