About Our Projects

About our Projects

Tender has been engaging young people in healthy relationships education since 2003, with our expertise informing the 2020 curriculum for Relationships, Sex and Health EducationWe work with primary, secondary and specialist schools and youth settings, delivering a range of short and long-term workshops and programmes. Many of our projects are funded and available for free, subject to availability. 

Our engaging, drama-based sessions empower students with the skills and confidence to build positive, respectful relationships with others, and to consider their attitudes and behaviour in a safe, ageappropriate way. During our workshops, young people will: 

  • Identify key elements of healthy and unhealthy relationships 
  • Recognise early warning signs of unhealthy relationships 
  • Explore the importance of equality and respect 
  • Understand personal boundaries and consent 
  • Increase self-confidence and empathy for others 
  • Develop awareness of where to seek or signpost support 

Our current projects include a 1-hour CPD accredited INSET session for 15 or more staff, enabling them to become more confident around the issue of relationship violence and to be able to effectively ensure the safeguarding of their students. 

In 2019/20, as a result of taking part in a Tender project: 

  • 93% of young people now understand it is never okay to be violent to someone 
  • 99% of young people can name at least one early warning sign of an unhealthy relationship 
  • 96% have more knowledge about where to seek support and advice for abuse in relationships  

(Data collected from participant post-project questionnaires) 

The Covid-19 pandemic has created many challenges for young people, their families and those who support their education and wellbeing through schools and youth services. Our delivery team have worked closely with schools and youth settings to adapt and risk assess our programmes: ensuring we are sensitive to safety requirements and the emotional needs of young people as they transition back into schools and peer groups. 

For more information, or to book a project, please visit one of the links below:  

Healthy Relationships Projects

Tender has been engaging young people in healthy relationships education since 2003, with our expertise informing the 2020 curriculum for RelationshipsSex and Health Education.

Where do we work?

Since 2010, Tender has been growing a successful National Programme to develop our work outside of London and support young people in regions with a particularly high prevalence of domestic abuse and sexual violence.

Our Impact

Each regional programme brings its own unique voice to Tender’s Healthy Relationships programme. Under the guidance of our National Manager, our Hubs work closely to ensure consistency across our delivery: ensuring high-quality Relationships Education which retains a local identity.