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Our Impact

Acting to end abuse

Our Impact

Tender has three aims:

  • To EDUCATE young people about violence and abuse perpetrated in relationships
  • To EXPOSE attitudes that condone and conceal domestic and sexual violence
  • To ENABLE young people to seek support and access services if they, or someone they know, is experiencing abuse

Since 2004 Tender has:

  • Worked with over 138,600 young people through intensive workshop programmes, training 29,000 as peer educators of violence prevention
  • Delivered over 1,500 projects in more than 780 schools, youth centres, Pupil Referral Units, Youth Offending Teams, special schools and specialist youth services
  • Trained 10,500 adults to equip them with the skills to understand, identify and support young people experiencing violence in their relationships

To read how involvement with Tender’s work prevented a young woman from entering an abusive relationship click here.

We are proud that:

After participating in the Secondary school Project:

  • 94% of participants demonstrate more understanding of healthy/unhealthy relationships
  • 60% can simply define a range of harmful practices
  • 89% have more knowledge about sources of support

After participating in the Primary School Programme:

  • 85% of children can identify at least one ‘red flag’ early warning sign of unhealthy relationships
  • 90% of children identify appropriate support channels and services
  • 80% of teachers are more confident using their training in their professional practice

After participating in the Youth Ambassador Programme:

  • 92% of young people said that they had more understanding of what healthy and unhealthy relationships are
  • 88% of young people said they have more knowledge about where to seek support or advice
  • 100% of youth leaders said as consequence of their participation in the workshop sessions they felt more able to engage young people in discussions around the issue of violence and abuse

Impact reports:

In 2010 Tender felt confident that we had a well evidenced Prevention Education Project (externally evaluated by CRG Ltd and DMSS Research). We began to explore effective methods for enabling the project to reach more young people across the UK and outside Greater London. The objective was to increase our social impact whilst still delivering the service in a high quality, consistent format.

Following a successful bid for Big Lottery funding in 2011, Tender launched the pilot of the National Partnership programme which was externally evaluated by Middlesex University.

We recruited four partners to deliver the Schools Programme in different regions across the UK. Each of our partners entered a three year agreement with Tender with a commitment to delivering the Schools Programme in six schools per year.

The type of organisation varied across the four partners – two were arts-based organisations, one a university and the fourth a domestic violence organisation. Each partner was free to develop the most appropriate structure within their organisation in order to meet this commitment – in the majority of cases this is was a combination of a project coordinator and a full time facilitator supported by freelance sessional staff.  As the National Partnership programme drew to an end in autumn 2015, all of our partners had successfully delivered against their commitment to deliver the programme.

By expanding our model, we believe that this has enhanced our programme and added huge value to the organisation and the work we do.

Our projects have been externally evaluated by a number of independent experts – please click on an icon to read the full report.

Final Evaluation Report. The Tender Healthy Relationship Project

National Partnership Programme: Middlesex University

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National Partnership Programme: Middlesex University

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DMSS Research and Consultancy

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An Independent Evaluation of the TRUST Education Project

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