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Youth Engagement

Creating healthy relationship ambassadors of the future

Youth Engagement

Tender works first and foremost with young people, meaning our work is always varied and constantly evolving. Tender value the contributions young people bring to our work and strive to develop new and exciting ways to involve young people in the delivery and promotion of our work and the development of the charity.

Currently Tender offers Level 2 OCN accredited Peer Mentoring and Facilitation training to young people who will then go onto work for Tender as freelance Youth Facilitators. Tender also has a thriving Youth Board.

Current Youth Facilitator Training Opportunities

OCN Level 2

Peer Mentoring and Facilitation – Trust For London – Ongoing Dates

If you are a young person living in the London borough of Hackney, you can apply for a FREE place on our OCN accredited Peer Mentoring and Facilitation Training course. This course happens multiple times a year so get in touch if you’re interested!

Training benefits for Youth Facilitator:

  • Participants will learn a diverse range of mentoring skills
  • Participants will be able to identify a friend at risk and how to seek professional help to support them
  • The course will increase facilitators’ confidence to be able to disseminate healthy messages to their peers, helping to shift social norms and encourage environments of respect and safety
  • Tender will monitor their progress again through assessed portfolios which will be verified by the Open College Network, questionnaires and observation and also through a report on the campaigns they create and share during their time in the project
  • All young people who complete the course will receive Open College Network accreditation in Peer Mentoring and Facilitation
  • Trained Youth Facilitators may be given the opportunity to work alongside experienced Workshop Leaders on Tender’s projects in a paid freelance capacity

To apply for a place on either of the Youth Facilitation and Peer Mentoring training courses, please email Brad@tender.org.uk.

Project Feedback

“Firstly just wanted to say how much I enjoyed the training (if enjoyed is the right word?) I learnt so much about domestic abuse itself and so many skills that I will definitely need to use in the future, so thank you!”

Young person

“They were great because they are so enthusiastic and passionate about what they’re teaching…”

Young person

“Working with Tender has given me the opportunity to engage with young people which has fed into my work……. It’s helped me specialise my drama techniques and how to do ice-breakers, which is one of the most important skills when working with young people and dealing with a tough issue!”

Young person

Tender’s Youth Board

Tender are lucky to receive invaluable support from our Youth Board, a passionate group of activists aged 14-25, who actively campaign and influence the work Tender delivers. The role of a youth board member is to ensure our work remains relevant and accessible to all young people, providing opportunities for young people to direct work which is aimed at their age group.

The Youth Board meets once a month, is entirely free to join, and is open to any young person aged 14-25 who is interested in our work, meeting new people, developing new skills and actively campaigning for issues they are passionate about. Youth Board members can also become more involved with Tender depending on what we’re working on, and their own initiatives.

If you would like to join Tender’s Youth Board, please email Brad@tender.org.uk.

Project Feedback

“I cannot articulate how much I’ve gained from being in the Youth Board! The YB brought me into a work environment for the first time……….an amazing introduction that bridged the gap between school and work”

Ex Youth Board Member

“As a youth board member we advise Tender on upcoming projects for young people and create our own projects/campaigns. Not only does this create another safe space for young people to talk openly about healthy relationships, it empowers us to take control and make a difference in whatever way we choose”

Current Youth Board Member

“Over the 4 years I have been a youth board member I have made great friendships whilst being able to make a real difference in spreading the word about healthy relationships to other young people”

Current Youth Board Member