Our impact

We build people’s knowledge, skills and attitudes so they can enjoy healthy relationships and prevent domestic abuse and sexual violence in their communities.

We know our work is successful if beneficiaries report:

Increased knowledge  about early warning signs in unhealthy relationships and how to seek support.

Attitudinal changes through understanding the enablers and impacts of domestic abuse and sexual violence.

Improved skills to practise positive behaviours and build healthy relationships.


In future if it [abuse] does happen, what I’ve learnt will get brought up in my brain and I will use it.


Annual report 2023 cover

Our latest impact report

Since 2003, we’ve delivered healthy relationships workshops to over 535,000 young people and 27,000 adults across the UK. Check out our latest impact report to find out how we and our amazing beneficiaries worked to prevent domestic abuse and sexual violence in 2022-23.

Helping young people make informed decisions about healthy relationships

Our approach is rooted in the belief that the arts can engage people in ways that traditional prevention methods cannot. Our use of drama, in particular, regularly helps young people feel more confident about discussing sensitive topics, and more able to apply their learning to their daily lives.


of primary school participants know who to talk to if they feel unsafe


of secondary school participants have more knowledge about healthy and unhealthy relationships


of all participants enjoyed the project


London & South East

At the start of this I thought: ‘my son is too young to be learning about relationships’, but I am so grateful you’re working in Rokeby. Thank you – he needs this. I think he’ll be a better person because of it.

Parent of student, Rokeby School

Supporting adults to safeguard children and young people

Ending domestic abuse and sexual violence requires both individual and cultural change. That’s why we train adults to recognise and tackle these issues in the lives of children they work with, and in their wider communities.


The training was so helpful, especially the conversations. I’ve worked with Tender before and they are always so professional, kind and non-judgemental.

Adult training beneficiary


of adult training beneficiaries reported an increased confidence to use the learning in their professional practice


reported an increased confidence in tackling violence against women and girls


reported an increased ability to identify early signs of risk

Our work is based around four prevention priorities

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Preparing people

We ensure children and young people have the knowledge and awareness to identify healthy and unhealthy relationships.

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We empower children and young people to develop the skills to have healthy relationships, and to seek support when they need it.

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Reinforcing healthy cultures

We help adults to build healthy cultures in the spaces children and young people inhabit, to safeguard them from abuse.

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Galvanising communities

We inspire whole communities to play a role in preventing domestic abuse and sexual violence.

In 2022-23, we delivered

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projects, trainings and events

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young people participated in Tender workshops

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adults were trained in Tender workshops