Our approach

Proud to be creative

Tender harnesses the power of drama and the arts to engage children, young people and adults to learn about healthy relationships. Our creative approach develops a safe, supportive environment that empowers people with the skills to build healthy relationships, challenge harmful ones, and promote respect, compassion and equality.

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Nobody feels singled out

Our projects and programmes are inclusive, supportive and designed to ensure all participants feel safe and welcome.

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Building empathy

Drama enables people of all ages to ‘step into the shoes’ of others, building greater empathy and understanding for how different people may think and feel.

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Interactive & enjoyable

We encourage young people to lead the conversation and become producers as well as consumers of learning, helping them stay engaged and uplifted even during sensitive topics.

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Relatable and practical

Children will actively practise skills and values that can be directly applied to their own lives and relationships including communication, emotional regulation and conflict resolution.

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Age appropriate

Our projects create a safe space for curious conversation, whilst remaining age and developmentally appropriate. Our facilitators are trained to respond to challenging questions with care and confidence, and to tailor workshops to children’s diverse needs.

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Informed by the people we work with

We believe the best programmes are informed and motivated by those they support. That’s why we collaborate closely with children, young people and adults to design and evaluate our services, stay up to date with current issues, and adapt our delivery to best suit those we work with.