Where we work

Tender is a nationwide charity with regional hubs in London and the South East, and the North, West and East of England. 

London and the South East

In 2003, Tender delivered our first programme in five London secondary schools. We now work pan-London and are expanding into other areas in the South East, developing a wide range of programmes across primary, secondary and specialist provision.

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London & South East

At the start of this I thought: ‘my son is too young to be learning about relationships’, but I am so grateful you’re working in Rokeby. Thank you – he needs this. I think he’ll be a better person because of it.

Parent of student, Rokeby School


Headed up by Regional Manager Angharad Turner-Fielder, Tender North is based in West Yorkshire with a strong presence in primary and secondary schools across Leeds and its surrounding areas.  

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Tender North

Students who may have had issues with behaviour previously have had no problems since participating and seem to be striving to be role models for others.

Head of PSHE, Carlton Bolling

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Based in Norwich with projects throughout Norfolk, Tender East is led by Regional Manager Michelle Thompson. Working with schools, youth settings and universities, Tender’s creative approach reaches children and young people across the county.

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Tender East

St William’s Primary in Norfolk has booked no less less than five successful Tender projects since 2021, reaching more than 300 children.

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With Regional Manager Daisy Douglas at the helm, Tender West designs and delivers a variety of programmes in schools and youth settings across Bath and North East Somerset, North Somerset and Bristol.

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Tender West

In two short days with Tender, one young person at Ralph Allen School in Bath found a way to support hundreds of their peers.

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