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Innovative, youth-led projects

Relationships education doesn’t stop outside of schools. We facilitate Healthy Relationships programmes for every kind of youth setting: including drop-in centres, youth forums, drama clubs, sports clubs and more.

We support young people to:

  • Identifying what makes a relationship healthy and unhealthy
  • Recognising the early warning signs (‘red flags’) of unhealthy relationships
  • Rehearsing personal boundaries and consent
  • Exploring the importance of equality and respect
  • Increased confidence and empathy
  • Increased understanding of human rights, with a focus on gender-based violence
  • Awareness of how and where to get support.

What do young people enjoy about our work?

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Necessary and relevant education

Young people aged 16-24 are at the highest risk of experiencing relationship abuse (ONS, 2022). Our projects provide a safe, engaging space to discuss relationships and develop social skills.

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Challenging inequalities

All young people deserve respect and care. We work hard to break down stereotypes and inequalities, and dismantle harmful attitudes before they take root.

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Safeguarding and support

Every young person should have access to support. We ensure young people can identify what good support looks like and who they can turn to in and out of school.


It’s been a really great experience that has really benefited the young people who have engaged in the programme and it has been lovely to work with Tender staff and facilitators. The facilitators have been flexible, thoughtful and delivered creative, engaging innovative interactive workshops.

Staff member, Community Focus Inclusive Arts, London

How we work with you

We establish your needs before we plan our sessions. By staying in contact throughout the programme, we can ensure your groups’ goals are reflected in all elements of our work.

Whether it’s adapting our delivery schedule, addressing specific issues, or structuring sessions for different learning needs, we have you and your young people in mind at all times.

Why use drama?

Drama and the arts have long been recognised as powerful tools for engaging young people in social issues. During our Healthy Relationships projects, young people meet and create characters, experiment with scripts, and share and listen to ideas. This helps them to rehearse relationships, learn from mistakes and discover boundaries in a safe, fun and creative way.

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