Inclusive, kind campuses

Since 2017, we have been working with universities to support staff and students to prevent domestic abuse and sexual violence, facilitate complex conversions, and develop caring, inclusive campus cultures. We deliver unique and interactive workshops to staff and students and support universities on a longer term basis through our whole institution approach, RE:SET Universities.

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Safe, engaging and creative spaces

In our workshops we use discussions, games and interactive activities which make difficult, sensitive and complex topics approachable and engaging for staff and students alike.

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A transformative focus on whole campus culture change

Tender’s approach focuses on prevention and creates whole communities where individuals are empowered to identify and prevent harmful behaviours. We offer a range of interventions to target different audiences and create deep cultural change, not a sticking plaster.

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Content tailored for varied groups of staff and students on campus

Our workshops are adapted for the audience’s needs, roles and existing knowledge of domestic abuse and sexual violence. Our workshops meet participants where they are and explore issues that matter to them.

Our work to change campus culture

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Staff workshops

We empower university and student union staff with the knowledge to identify, discuss and prevent domestic abuse and sexual violence and develop a more inclusive campus culture. We can provide training for staff from a wide range of departments, from activities and student voice to retail and hospitality roles.

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Student workshops

We engage students and student leaders such as committees and representatives in accessible and interactive workshops to support them in building safer, more respectful student communities.

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Whole institution approach

RE:SET Universities supports universities and student unions to prevent domestic abuse and sexual violence on their campus through a 12-18 month programme of tasks and training.

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