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We have been engaging children and young people in healthy relationships education since 2003. Our range of short- and long-term programmes use drama and the arts to prepare young people to have happy, equal relationships, and inspire them to champion healthy relationships in their peer groups and communities.

We work with primary, secondary and specialist schools, as well as a variety of youth settings, alternative provisions and community groups.

How we can support you

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Creative, curriculum-based learning

Key components of the Relationships, Sex and Health Education (RSHE) curriculum are embedded within our work. We meet children and young people at their appropriate age and/or development stage with learning that is playful, curious and evidence-based.

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Meeting modern needs

Relationship education is crucial in today’s digital world. Our projects address the importance of healthy online behaviours, digital safety, and personal wellbeing, equipping young people with essential skills for navigating their social environments online.

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Building healthy communities

Our projects raise young people’s self-esteem, improve communication skills, and encourage empathy and respect, sowing seeds which inspire their peers and create a cultural shift towards a positive, equitable community.

Our national programmes

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Training opportunities

Alongside our work with children and young people, we have a variety of training offers for teachers and staff in schools and youth settings. Many of our projects for young people also include a one-hour staff training.

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Our whole-school approach

Our whole-school approach model has been developed and tested since 2017, culminating in RE:SET which has been delivered since 2021. RE:SET is a mentorship programme and online toolkit which supports primary schools, secondary schools and alternative provisions to explore, adapt and reset their relationships education across the whole school. We can work with your setting to promote healthy, equal and respectful relationships, following which your setting will be recognised with a Healthy Relationships Champion Setting award.

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Where we operate

We currently deliver work across London and the South East, West Yorkshire, the East of England and the West of England. Get in touch with us to see if we’re running projects in your area!

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    London & South East

    At the start of this I thought: ‘my son is too young to be learning about relationships’, but I am so grateful you’re working in Rokeby. Thank you – he needs this. I think he’ll be a better person because of it.

    Parent of student, Rokeby School

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