Olivia Colman & Ed Sinclair

Our co-patrons

Olivia Colman & Ed Sinclair

She/her and He/him

We’re privileged to have Academy Award-winning actress Olivia Colman and her husband Ed Sinclair as our patrons.

Olivia Colman at film event

How it all began…

Since her role in Paddy Considine’s 2011 film Tyrannosaur in which she played a survivor of domestic abuse, Olivia has been dedicated to the cause. Olivia and Ed joined Tender in 2013 and have worked tirelessly to raise awareness of the issues surrounding domestic abuse and sexual violence. They have played an instrumental role in helping Tender grow and prosper over the last decade.


I have been the proud patron of Tender for 10 years! I love that Tender’s sole focus is on prevention. Stopping something from ever happening is a big ambition, but an absolute necessity to protect children and young people.

Olivia Colman