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What we do

Acting to end abuse

What we do

Tender is an arts and education charity committed to preventing domestic abuse and sexual violence amongst young people, by promoting healthy relationships.

Founded in 2003, Tender has developed a range of award winning arts education projects which empower young people, and the adults who work with them, to actively prevent domestic abuse and sexual violence and promote gender equality in their schools, youth centres and communities.

Tender’s Aims & Approach

Tender’s innovative approach enables young people to engage in interactive drama workshops where they can develop their own knowledge and understanding of domestic violence and abuse in a safe space. Our expertise in drama and creative arts means we can facilitate exercises which effectively challenge hardened attitudes of tolerance towards violence and abuse. Participants are supported to share what they have learned, speak out against abuse and become ambassadors for promoting healthy relationships.

Tender’s preventative projects help to educate young people about domestic violence and abuse, and stop them from becoming victims or perpetrators. Participants learn the early warning signs of an abusive relationship, discuss concepts of choice and responsibility and gain information on how to seek support for themselves or a friend. We intend for young people to understand their right to healthy relationships and equally their responsibility to encourage relationships that are based on respect and equality.

The value of arts-education is widely recognised; particularly in raising levels of self-esteem and developing team building and communication skills. Evidence shows that those who engage in domestic abuse and sexual violence theatre education are more able to apply the learning to their everyday life, compared to traditional lessons. By using theatre and the arts, we’re able to discuss the difficult topic of violence prevention in a safe and supported environment. Drama allows participants to experience what it feels like to be in ‘someone else’s shoes’ which increases empathy and understanding and creates a space for participants to engage emotionally as well as intellectually.

Our Impact

Tender is proud of the proven positive impact we have on the lives of young people.

Schools Programme

Delivering Healthy Relationships projects in primary schools and secondary schools.

Youth Ambassador Programme

Delivering Healthy Relationships Projects in out of school settings.

Adult Training

Tender offers a diverse programme of expert training courses.

National Partnership Network

Together we can achieve not just a louder voice but a stronger voice.

Whole School Approach

Tender have been commissioned by MOPAC to deliver a Whole School Approach project in Croydon.