Clifford Chance LLP

You might imagine that most businesses are chiefly focused on targets and getting the job done’. However, in 2018 – led by David Harkness and Laura Yeates – Clifford Chance LLP made the brave and brilliant decision to shine a light on itself and consider how it could create a culture of inclusion and support. 

It set out to ensure that every single employee, from the graduate recruit undertaking their first job, to the most senior partner, knows that this is a firm that will not tolerate any kind of harassment or unacceptable behaviour.  Tender’s Chief Executive, Susie McDonald, has been blown away by the firm’s drive to be a place where people want to work and where they are confident that they can aspire and achieve.   

Lloyds Banking Group

In 2015 Tender’s Chief Executive, Susie McDonald delivered a domestic abuse training session to a small team of Lloyds Bank staff. Sitting in that session was Martin King who, some 14 years earlier had supported a colleague to escape her abusive partner. The experience never left him and after the Tender training session, Martin took the initiative to make this just one of multiple steps that he and his colleagues would take to make Lloyds Banking Group a place where domestic abuse is talked about openly: where staff can feel believed, heard and supported. 

As a business, Lloyds could have decided to avoid the risk of opening the “can of worms” that is domestic abuse; instead, staff now know this is a safe place to work and this support, over time, will save lives.   

Tender’s relationship with Lloyds has become a hugely valued one for TenderThey have consistently demonstrated how much they care about protecting their employees and customers and we are exciting to continue to work with them. 

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