Creative campaigns

Tender’s Young Leaders use arts and media skills to share their learning with their peers through a range of projects and campaigns. Below you can see a few examples of the fantastic ways they’ve helped Tender to create safe communities.

Chicken and Chips and Other Poems

Tender worked with a group of young people in the Hackney City Farm to explore healthy relationships.

Are you feeling trapped?

Tender worked with a group of young people in the Huddleston Centre in Hackney to explore healthy relationships.

The participants felt that many young people get trapped in relationships because they don’t know where to go for help and they don’t tell anyone what’s wrong. They worked together to design this poster to help their peers to understand that help is available.

The Choice Project

This project took place in Camden where a group of young people wanted to create a tool that helped young people to explore the excuses people give for using violence and how we can challenge these. Here you take a look behind the scenes at the work they did to create an interactive resource at The Roundhouse.

Erasing Trust

An animation made by a group of young people in Barnet who wanted to explain the impact of control and emotional abuse.